How it Works

Advertising is everywhere. It is in your face everywhere you go. We are so used to it that it is actually rare that we pay attention to it. We aim to help make advertising a substantially more personal experience.

By incentivising individual advertisers and providing businesses with a direct relationship to money spent and effectiveness of advertising we aim to create an environment we call the 4XW space. This, in its essence, means 4 wins - A win for the business, a win for the customer, a win for the advertiser and a win for us.

Here is the basic breakdown:

  1. A business signs up and provides us with their payment method as well as an initial offer for new customers
  2. Advertisers connected to the business are then able to promote the offer from the business
  3. A potential customer will receive a voucher from the advertiser and proceed to the business
  4. After the new customer executes the exclusive deal on the voucher, the advertiser will be paid directly and we take a small fee.

In the above scenario, the business gains a new customer, the advertiser gets paid, the customer receives a product or service that they would not have otherwise had access to and we get paid for facilitating the entire exchange.