Social Advertising

Highly Efficient, Seriously Targeted, Socially Engaging Advertising.

For businesses who want more customers, Orbik is a marketing tool that delivers you new customers. Unlike standard advertising where you pay even if you don't get a customer, with Orbik you only pay when you get a customer.

For people that are interested in getting rewarded for having a large contact list. If you know a lot of people, chances are that you know people that want a deal. Orbik rewards you for bringing businesses customers.

For Customers

If you have a voucher and wish to use it, this is where you want to go.

Customer Dashboard
For advertisers

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Advertiser Dashboard
For Businesses

Business owners and employees that are using the orbik advertising platform.

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What is the Orbik platform?

With traditional advertising you spend a huge sum of money hoping your message will reach the right customer and convert them. You try to be smart and get everything just right but you never consistently hit the mark.

With the Orbik platform you spend less energy and hit the mark every time. It is a well known fact that your customers are the best advertisers. It is also known that customers cluster together - the phrase "Birds of a feather flock together" is real. The Orbik platform capitalizes on both of these well-known factors. We take your customers and convert them to advertisers. By the simple virtue that those customers very likely know other potential customer and the incentive to advertise, you will get much cleaner, vetted customers from your advertising dollars.

What makes the Orbik platform better?

With traditional advertising you pay before you get a customer. With the Orbik platform, you pay after you get a customer. There are no monthly fees, no recurring charges. You control how much to spend. Our pricing is very clear and has no surprises.

I still don't get it.

Take a read of our How It Works page.