Become an advertiser

To start, you need a basic Orbik account. You will need to signup and then you can proceed to the next step.

The process is quite quick. We will ask you for some basic information and then we will take you to Stripe. You will be asked to enter your banking details so we can pay you whenever a business you advertise gets a new customer from one of your advertisements. Stripe is our pay out processor. When you sign up we will take you to the Stripe site where they will ask you for your banking information (Routing numbers etc). This information will only be used to pay you.

Once you have completed the signup steps, it is then time to advertise a business on our platform.


  1. Create an Orbik account
  2. Enter basic advertiser details
  3. Enter payout information at Stripe
  4. Send out an advertising link for a business
  5. Customer creates a voucher for an offer from the business
  6. Customer brings the voucher to the business
  7. Business redeems the voucher
  8. You get paid a reward
Become an advertiser

Another way to be rewarded

In addition to getting rewarded for bringing a business a customer, Orbik will reward you for bring us a business. See Details.

What to expect

Below is a video we put together to give you a preview of what you can expect to see once you sign up. We are still growing our software so the interface and flow might change but it is a good starting point.