Signup a new business to orbik

Whenever you sign up a new business to use the orbik platform for their social advertising needs you will get 50% of the profit from the redeemed vouchers for the first 2 months of operation.

The clock starts ticking the moment the first voucher is rewarded. Start by becoming an advertiser the promote Orbik to businesses.

Advertise orbik

As an example, if you sign up a business, depending on the number of redeemed vouchers and the amount of the reward on each you would get the following:

Redeemed vouchers Average Reward Your reward Country
10 CA$60.00 CA$79.65 CA
100 CA$50.00 CA$747.00 CA
300 CA$30.00 CA$1,944.00 CA
10 $60.00 $79.65 US
100 $50.00 $747.00 US
300 $30.00 $1,944.00 US