Christian Jensen

Engineer - Architect - Innovator - Mentor


I have significant experience working on projects from concept to completion using various software development lifecycle processes.

From the plug to the pixel, I have the skill set to design, implement and document a very broad range of hardware and software solutions.

Crafting anything from prototypes to mission critical applications. I am confident that our conversation I will be an asset to your long term professional development.


I have deep experience in scalable architectures, user interface design, information architecture, cloud implementations and improving developer velocity. I have seen many years as a hands-on software developer, software development manager, product manager and technology architect. I have designed and implemented on numerous tiers of Domestic and International business. I will exercise my ‘Big Picture’ mentality and forward-thinking to provide you with a technical advantage.

  • Terraform
    • AWS Datadog
    • Pagerduty
    • Cloudflare
    • Github
  • AWS Cloud infrastructure constructs including cost optimization and security best practices
  • Reasonably deep knowledge on PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite
    • Replication
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Connection Pooling
  • Observability and Alerting strategies
  • CI Processes
  • CD Processes


I have lived in Austin Texas and can give some good recommendations for the city. I currently live in Victoria, British Columbia and can give you pointers about living here and what to do.

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